analytic torsion



What is called analytic torsion or Ray-Singer torsion (Ray-Singer 73) is the invariant T(X,g)T(X,g) of a Riemannian manifold (X,g)(X,g) given by a product of powers of the functional determinants det regΔ| Ω pdet_{reg} \Delta|_{\Omega^p} of the Laplace operators Δ| Ω p\Delta|_{\Omega^p} on the manifold acting on the space of differential p-forms:

T(X,g)p(det regΔ| Ω p) (1) pp2. T(X,g) \coloneqq \underset{p}{\prod} \left(det_{reg} \Delta|_{\Omega^p}\right)^{-(-1)^p \frac{p}{2}} \,.

This analytic torsion is an analogue in analysis of the invariant of topological manifolds called Reidemeister torsion. The two agree for the compact Riemannian manifolds (Cheeger 77).


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