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For a separate list of math blogs and forums see math blogs. Main wikis should belong to both lists. For math societies and institutes see math institutions. There is also page of math resources by individuals. The level up is math resources.

We list archives of online books, not the catalogues of physical libraries. We shall not list commercial subscription lists (especially of current journals) except semi-commercial jstor and few publication sites by the main mathematical societies.


Archives of articles, books, proceedings

Math and physics only

Online computational engines

  • Wolphramalpha(

Not only math and physics

  • JSTOR – a big repository of past issues of main, mainly American and English journals – requires institution subscription
  • DigiZeitschrift, Das Deutsche Digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv; includes 39 math journals
  • Gallica repository of free French books (in general area); includes old issues of Comptes Rendus
  • Goettingen digital library – mainly German journals

General lists of math resources

  • Math on the Web links maintained by American Mathematical Society

  • fsu vmlib Florida State University Virtual Math Library – long list of resources

Major individual handbooks and tables online

Reviews and abstracts

Wikis and encyclopedia-like collections

  • encyclopaedia of math articles with approximately 8000 entries

  • nlab this wiki on higher category theory and applications

  • Joyal’s CatLab: HomePage

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