morphism of finite type


For schemes

A morphism f:XYf : X \to Y of schemes is locally of finite type if

  • for every open cover {U iY}\{U_i \to Y\} by affine schemes, U iSpecB iU_i \simeq Spec B_i;

  • and every cover {U ij iX}\{U_{i j_i} \to X\} by affine schemes U ij i=A ij iU_{i j_i} = A_{i j_i}, fitting into a commuting diagram (this always exists, see coverage)

    U ij i U i X f Y \array{ U_{i j_i} &\to& U_i \\ \downarrow && \downarrow \\ X &\stackrel{f}{\to}& Y }

    for all i,ji,j,

we have that the morphism of algebras B iA ijB_i \to A_{i j} formally dual to U ijU iU_{i j} \to U_i exhibits A ijA_{i j} as a finitely generated algebra over B iB_i.

If for fixed ii the j ij_i range only over a finite set, then the morphism is said to be of finite type.

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