motives and dg-categories

Grothendieck envisaged a deep picture of a hypothetical category of pure and mixed motives of varieties which has partly been fullfilled so far. This entry gives only some pointers to approaches via dg-categories and their cousins, pretriangulated A A_\infty-categories.

Maxim Kontsevich embeds the search for motives of varieties into the search for motives of the dg or A A_\infty-enhancements of the derived categories of coherent sheaves on noncommutative varieties, what denotes in algebraic geometry working with a bit larger class of pretriangulated A A_\infty-categories. There are also dg-approaches to Voevodsky’s derived category of mixed motives.


  • online video of Maxim Kontsevich’s talk at the conference for 61st birthday of Deligne, at IAS Princeton.

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