n-angulated category

nn-angulated categories are a generalization to integers n3n\geq 3 of a triangulated category, which is obtained for n=3n = 3. They are introduced in

Its abstract reads:

We define nn-angulated categories by modifying the axioms of triangulated categories in a natural way. We show that Heller’s parametrization of pre-triangulations extends to pre-nn-angulations. We obtain a large class of examples of nn-angulated categories by considering (n2)(n-2)-cluster tilting subcategories of triangulated categories which are stable under the (n2)(n-2)nd power of the suspension functor. As an application, we show how nn-angulated Calabi-Yau categories yield triangulated Calabi-Yau categories of higher Calabi-Yau dimension. Finally, we sketch a link to algebraic geometry and string theory.

Other works are

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