This is the nLab lab elves’ testing ground. Nothing here is intended to be of any use to anyone else, though it may be made public for testing purposes.

Anyone is free to use this web as a “large sandbox”. The general guidelines for this are as follows:

  1. The primary purpose of this web is as a place to experiment with things in the nlab without disturbing the nlab itself. As an example, we sometimes experiment with changing the CSS here to see how it looks; clearly, doing that on the nLab would be very disruptive. Another use would be for those who don’t have a personal web of their own but want to try adapting an nLab page without changing the actual page. Thus the experiments run here should have the improvement of the nLab as part of their intended outcomes.

  2. Pages in this web should not be regarded as permanent or safe from deletion. However, we will not deliberately delete pages without good reason and, unless there is specific need for haste, without discussion on the nForum.

  3. When starting one or more experiments on doriath, first create a user page for yourself and regard it as your “lab bench”. Add this page to the list in the experimenters list. On your user page, you should describe the experiments briefly and also indicate whether or not you would value others’ help and feedback.

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