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Notes on classification of left fibrations The quasicategory of spaces

𝒮\mathcal{S} classifies left fibrations analogous to the way Set\mathbf{Set} classifies discrete left fibrations. It’s hard to find a reference where this fact is proved in detail. Here I’m making some notes on this.

Limits and colimits in the quasicategory of spaces In HTT it’s shown that 𝒮\mathcal{S} has all limits and colimits by proving a general result (Theorem in HTT) relating homotopy limits and colimits in a simplicial model category to limits and colimits in the associated quasicategory. I thought it would be nice if there was a more elementary way of showing that 𝒮\mathcal{S} has all of these dudes; I’m in the process of writing out what I hope is such a way.

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