Eric Forgy Discrete differential geometry on causal graphs

with Urs Schreiber


Differential calculus on discrete spaces is studied in the manner of non-commutative geometry by representing the differential calculus by an operator algebra on a suitable Krein space. The discrete analogue of a (pseudo-)Riemannian metric is encoded in a deformation of the inner product on that space, which is the crucial technique of this paper. We study the general case but find that drastic and possibly vital simplifications occur when the underlying lattice is topologically hypercubic, in which case we explicitly construct mimetic analogues of the volume form, the Hodge star operator, and the Hodge inner product for arbitrary discrete geometries. It turns out that the formalism singles out a pseudo-Riemannian metric on topologically hypercubic graphs with respect to which all edges are lightlike. We study such causal graph complexes in detail and consider some of their possible physical applications, such as lattice Yang-Mills theory and lattice fermions.

category: papers

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