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Higher structures and index theory

Aug. 28-30, Changchun at Department of Mathematics, Jilin University


Fei Han(National University of Singapore)

Yunhe Sheng (Jilin University)

Yong Wang(Northeast Normal University)

Chenchang Zhu (Goettingen University)


Fei Han[Jianxun Hu](National University of Singapore)

Bailing Wang(Australian National University)

[Hang Wang]

[Yijun Yao]

Schedule (TBA)

? Sep 28 ? 9:00-10:00Wang Hang?
10:30-11:30Wang Hang?
15:00-16:00Bailing Wang?
16:30-17:30Bailing Wang?
Sep 299:00-10:00Hu Jianxun?
10:30-11:30Hu Jianxun?
15:00-16:00Yao Yijun?
16:30-17:30Yao Yijun?

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