Higher Structure Conferences sms2018

Derived Geometry and Higher Categorical Structures in Geometry and Physics

SMS 2018 Seminaire de Mathematiques Supeieures

Fields Institute, June 11th – June 22th, 2018, two weeks summer school, a part of the Fields focus program on `Poisson Geometry and Physics' (June 1 - July 31 2018).

Confirmed Mini course speakers:

The official webpage in Fields is here. To attend the event, one need to register here and one may apply for funding also.

The official webpage in MSRI is here. Here you may also apply for funding from MSRI to attend this school, though you still need to register with Fields.

We have two different funding sources this time, therefore different websites. In the end, we will merge the funding decision.

Organising Committee: Anton Alekseev (University of Geneva), Ruxandra Moraru (University of Waterloo), Chenchang Zhu (University of Gottingen).

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