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Given types

SS and TT and a type DD with effective epic function f:DSf:D \to S in a universe 𝒰\mathcal{U}, a multivalued function f:S 𝒰Tf:S \to_\mathcal{U} T with domain SS and codomain TT is simply a function f:DTf:D \to T.

The type of multivalued functions with domain SS and codomain TT in a universe 𝒰\mathcal{U}, S 𝒰TS \to_\mathcal{U} T, is defined as

S 𝒰T D:𝒰EffectiveEpic(D,S)×(DT)S \to_\mathcal{U} T \coloneqq \sum_{D:\mathcal{U}} EffectiveEpic(D, S) \times (D \to T)

where EffectiveEpic(D,S)EffectiveEpic(D, S) is the type of effective epic functions from DD to SS.


Every multivalued function f:A 𝒰Bf:A \to_\mathcal{U} B between two sets AA and BB has an associated entire relation

a:Ap:af(a)a:A \vdash p:a \mapsto f(a)

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