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Zoran: you may like to add (or not) Deligne, Hinich, Pirashvili, Kontsevich, Drinfeld, Schechtman, Lyubashenko, Bondal among principal actives…and Hilbert, John Moore, Puppe, Buchsbaum, Heller, Leray, Steenrod, (even Cayley) among inactives…and finally Bourn, Janelidze etc. if you include nonabelian homological algebra…and Schreier, Giraud, Dedecker, Breen if nonabelian cohomology. Some people are famous mainly for a single but important contribution (Harrison, Spaltenstein, Shukla…).

Reply: Thanks for your list. I added the names. AJ

**Homological algebra** ##Contents * Contributors * References * Introduction * Basic homological algebra * Additive model categories * Derived categories

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**Categorical mathematics** ##Contents * Set theory * Category theory * Homotopical algebra * Higher category theory * Theory of quasi-categories * Higher quasi-categories * Geometry * Elementary geometry * Differential geometry * Lie theory * Algebraic geometry * Homotopical algebraic geometry * Number theory * Elementary number theory * Algebraic number theory * Algebra * Universal algebra * Group theory * Rings and modules * Commutative algebras * Lie algebras * Representation theory * Operads * Homological algebra * Logic * Boolean algebra * First order theory * Model theory * Categorical logic * Topology * General topology * Algebraic topology * Homotopy theory * Theory of locales * Topos theory * Higher topos theory * Combinatorics * Combinatorial geometry * Enumerative combinatorics * Algebraic combinatorics

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Partial list of contributors

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