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Selected writings

Albrecht Dold (1928-2011) was a German mathematician who made important contributions in algebraic topology. He worked at Princeton, Columbia University, ETH Zürich and held a chair at Heidelberg University from 1963 to his retirement in 1996. Besides numerous research articles he published the textbook Lectures on Algebraic Topology (1972) that became a widely used classic in the field.

Some biographical notes:

  • Klaus Volkert: Vier Heidelberger Topologen 1935-1996, Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung 124:215–238 (2022). (doi; pdf)

Selected writings

Introducing the Chern-Dold character:

  • Albrecht Dold, Relations between ordinary and extraordinary homology, Matematika, 9:2 (1965), 8–14; Colloq. algebr. Topology, Aarhus Universitet, 1962, 2–9 (mathnet:mat350), reprinted in: J. Adams & G. Shepherd (Authors), Algebraic Topology: A Student’s Guide (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, pp. 166-177). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1972 (doi:10.1017/CBO9780511662584.015)

On dualizable objects, traces and the Becker-Gottlieb transfer:

On algebraic topology:

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