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Anatolij Illarionovič Širšov (Anatoly/Anatolii Illarinovich Shirshov, orig. Анатолий Илларионович Ширшов) was an algebraist working in Novosibirsk (in former Soviet Union).

  • Анатолий Илларионович Ширшов (к 80-летию со дня рождения), Алгебра и логика, 40:4 (2001), I–IV, pdf

  • wikipedia ru

  • L. A. Bokutʹ, I. P. Shestakov, Some results by A. I. Shirshov and his school, Second International Conference on Algebra (Barnaul, 1991), 1–12, Contemp. Math. 184, Amer. Math. Soc. 1995.

  • A. I. Širšov, Some algorithm problems for Lie algebras (Russian) Sibirsk. Mat. Ž. 3 1962, 292–296, MR0183753

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