nLab André-Quillen homology




André-Quillen cohomology is the cochain cohomology of the derived Kähler differentials, hence of the cotangent complex (for the moment see there for more).


The orginal work comes from two sources, the work of Michel André and that of Dan Quillen:

  • Michel André, Méthode simpliciale en algèbre homologique et algèbre commutative, Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol 32, 1967.

  • Michel André, Homologie des algèbres commutatives Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften, Band 206. Springer. 1974

and then

  • D. G. Quillen, 1970, On the (co-)homology of commutative rings, in Proc. Symp. on Categorical Algebra, 65–87, American Math. Soc.

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