BV-Lagrangian density



In BV-BRST formalism the plain Lagrangian density L\mathbf{L} of a given Lagrangian field theory is accompanied by an auxiliary Lagrangian density L BRST\mathbf{L}_{BRST} depending on auxiliary fields such as ghost fields and antifields, such that the local antibracket with the sum L+L BRST-\mathbf{L} + \mathbf{L}_{BRST} yields the BV-BRST differential

s={L+L BRST,} s \;=\; \left\{ - \mathbf{L} + \mathbf{L}_{BRST} \,,\, - \right\}

which models the derived critical locus δ ELL0\delta_{EL}\mathbf{L} \simeq 0 inside the homotopy quotient modeled by the BRST complex of the theory.

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