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Selected works

Bernard Leclerc is a mathematician at Université de Caen. His specialties include algebraic combinatorics? and representation theory.

Selected works

On noncommutative symmetric functions

  • Israel Gelfand, Daniel Krob, Alain Lascoux, Bernard Leclerc, Vladimir Retakh, J.-Y. Thibon, Noncommutative symmetric functions, Adv. in Math. 112 (2) (1995) 218–348
  • D. Krob, B. Leclerc, J.-Y. Thibon, Noncommutative symmetric functions. II. Transformations of alphabets, Internat. J. Algebra Comput. 7 (1997) 181–264

On cluster algebras

  • Christof Geiss, Bernard Leclerc, Jan Schröer, Preprojective algebras and cluster algebras, arxiv:0804.3168; Kac-Moody groups and cluster algebras, arxiv:1001.3545
  • Christof Geiss, Bernard Leclerc, Jan Schröer, Cluster structures on quantum coordinate rings, Selecta Math. 19 (2013) 337–397 arxiv/1104.0531
  • B. Leclerc, Imaginary vectors in the dual canonical basis of U q(n)U_q(n), Transform. Groups 8 (2003) 95–104 MR1959765
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