nLab Breit-Wigner distribution

Due to decay, an unstable quantum-mechanical system cannot be in the eigenstate of the Hamiltonian. Effectively, this means that the system is described by a wave-packet which ranges over a distribution of energies (or frequencies, as in the field of spectroscopy). In the simplest model of an exponential decay, the distribution of energies is given by so called Breit-Wigner distribution (and to some extent this is true for most short-living metastable system, e.g. resonances in high energy physics).

Given some quantities E 0E_0 and Γ\Gamma of the dimension of energy the Breit-Wigner energy distribution

|ρ(E)| 2=Γ/2π12Γ 2+(EE 0) 2 |\rho(E)|^2 = \frac{\Gamma/2\pi}{\frac{1}{2}\Gamma^2+(E-E_0)^2}

which should be in principle damped all the way to 00 from some energy E minE_{min} as the spectrum of any Hamiltonian must be bounded below. The plot of the Breit-Wigner curve as seen in spectroscopy is often called Breit-Wigner curve.

Various effects in nature lead to modifed, asymmetric and other spectral curves to which the Breit-Wigner is merely the crudest approximation.


Classical Breit-Wigner

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Corrected curves

Assymetric line shapes in autoionization and Rydberg atoms are studied in the famous

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