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Selected publications

Daniel Conduché is a French mathematician who has worked at Rennes.

His work includes the definition and exploration of the notion of 2-crossed module and the decomposition theorem for simplicial groups.

Selected publications

For his work on 2-crossed modules, and simplicial groups,

  • D. Conduché, Modules croisés généralisés de longueur 2 , J. Pure Appl. Alg., 34, (1984), 155–178.

In his work on homotopy nn-types, Loday gave a construction of what he called a ‘mapping cone’ for a crossed square. Conduch'{e} later noticed that this naturally had the structure of a 2-crossed module,

  • D. Conduché, Simplicial Crossed Modules and Mapping Cones, Georgian Math. J., 10, (2003), 623–636.
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