nLab David Fernández

David Fernández is a mathematician whose research interests are quantum groups, infinite dimensional Lie algebras, cluster algebras, representation theory and its interactions with algebraic geometry and mathematical physics.

  • webpage
  • Maxime Fairon, David Fernández, On the noncommutative Poisson geometry of certain wild character varieties, arXiv:2103.10117; Euler continuants in noncommutative quasi-Poisson geometry, arXiv:2105.04858
  • Luis Álvarez-Cónsul, David Fernández, Reimundo Heluani, Noncommutative Poisson vertex algebras and Courant-Dorfman algebras, arXiv:2106.00270
  • David Fernández, Estanislao Herscovich, Cyclic A A_\infty-algebras and double Poisson algebras, arXiv:1902.00787; Double quasi-Poisson algebras are pre-Calabi-Yau, arXiv:2002.10495
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