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Siegmund Dieter Puppe (1930-2005) was a German mathematician who made important contributions to algebraic topology and homotopy theory in particular. He held a chair at Heidelberg University from 1968 until his retirement in 1996. Among other publications he notably published in 1966 together with H.-B. Brinkmann Kategorien und Funktoren , one of the first German language textbooks1 on category theory.

  • Klaus Volkert, Vier Heidelberger Topologen 1935-1996, Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung 124:215–238 (2022). (doi; pdf)

Selected publications

On homological algebra:

On abelian categories:

  • Dieter Puppe, Korrespondenzen in abelschen Kategorien , Math. Ann. 148 (1962) pp.1-30. (gdz)

On homotopy theory:

On dualizable objects, traces and the Becker-Gottlieb transfer:

category: people

  1. In the same year Hasse and Michler published Theorie der Kategorien , Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften Berlin 1966.

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