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Dmitri Orlov (Дмитрий Олегович Орлов) is a Russian algebraic geometer.

Orlov is one of the pioneers of the modern emerging categorical framework which unites the commutative and noncommutative algebraic geometry, via the study of enhanced triangulated categories of quasicoherent sheaves.


  • D. Orlov, Quasi-coherent sheaves in commutative and non-commutative geometry, Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat. 67:3 ( 2003)119–138 (see also preprint version dvi, ps)

  • D. O. Orlov, Derived categories of coherent sheaves and equivalences between them, Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 2003, Vol. 58, issue 3(351), pp. 89–172, Russian pdf, transl. as Russian Mathematical Surveys (2003),58(3):511, doi link (pdf at Orlov’s webpage, not on arXiv!)

  • 5 lectures on derived categories and D-branes in Bonn, slides: djvu

  • D. Orlov, Formal completions and idempotent completions of triangulated categories of singularities, arxiv/0901.1859

  • A. Bondal, D. Orlov, Semi-orthogonal decomposition for algebraic varieties, PreprintMPI/95–15, alg-geom/9506006

  • A. Bondal, D. Orlov, Reconstruction of a variety from the derived category and groups of autoequivalences, Compositio Math. 125 (2001), 327–344 doi ; see also Bondal-Orlov reconstruction theorem

  • V. A. Lunts, D. O. Orlov, Uniqueness of enhancement for triangulated categories, arXiv:0908.4187.

  • Alexander I. Efimov, Valery A. Lunts, Dmitri O. Orlov, Deformation theory of objects in homotopy and derived categories

  • D. Orlov, Equivalences of derived categories of coherent sheaves, MSRI lectures

  • A. I. Bondal, D. O. Orlov, Derived categories of coherent sheaves, Proc. Internat. Congress of Mathematicians (Beijing, 2002)

  • A. N. Kapustin, D. O. Orlov, Lectures on mirror symmetry, derived categories, and D-branes, Uspehi Mat. Nauk 59 (2004), no. 5(359), 101–134; translation in Russian Math. Surveys 59 (2004), no. 5, 907–940, math.AG/0308173

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