Eduardo Ochs

My main research interest is on what happens when we drop all equalities between morphisms from categorical proofs; if we do that in the right way we are left with all the constructions (the “fun part”) and we lose the equations (the “boring part”). The best article I’ve written so far - “Internal Diagrams in Category Theory” (2010) - is an introduction to that.

I work in a campus in the countryside of Brazil that is a kind of (academical) nowhere. In order to cope with the, hm, psychological effects of that I have started, together with a few friends, an informal group to study the psychodynamics of corruption and apathy using tools from the Social Sciences. Our notes are mostly in Portuguese at the moment.

The 2D diagrams and derivation trees in my papers and notes are all created with this package: dednat4. Its documentation is precarious and its code is a mess, but its rewrite is 95% finished, and I am migrating to it slowly. If you think you would like to use it, then get in touch to speed things up. 8-)

category: people

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