nLab Elements of ∞-Category Theory


This pages compiles material related to the book

on (∞,1)-category theory formulated via ∞-cosmoi and the homotopy 2-category of (∞,1)-categories (formal ( , 1 ) (\infty,1) -category theory).

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Part I - Basic ∞-Category Theory

1 - ∞-Cosmoi and Their Homotopy 2-Categories

2 - Adjunctions, Limits, and Colimits I

3 - Comma ∞-Categories

4 - Adjunctions, Limits, and Colimits II

5 - Fibrations and Yoneda’s Lemma

An Interlude On ∞-Cosmology

6 - Exotic ∞-Cosmoi

Part II - The Calculus Of Modules

7 - Two-Sided Fibrations and Modules

8 - The Calculus of Modules

9 - Formal ∞-Category Theory in a Virtual Equipment

Part III - Model Independence

10 - Change-of-Model Functors

11 - Model Independence

12 - Applications of Model Independence

Appendix of Abstract Nonsense

Appendix A - Basic Concepts of Enriched Category Theory

Appendix B - An Introduction to 2-Category Theory

Appendix C - Abstract Homotopy Theory

Appendix of Concrete Constructions

Appendix D - The Combinatorics of (Marked) Simplicial Sets

Appendix E - ∞-Cosmoi Found in Nature

Appendix F - The Analytic Theory of Quasi-Categories


Glossary of Notation


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