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Selected writings

Fred van Oystaeyen is an algebraist and one of the pioneers of noncommutative algebraic geometry; he is a Professor at Antwerp. He is especially well known for his work on graded and filtered rings, localization theory for noncommutative rings and the study of Brauer groups and generalizations.

Selected writings

Introducing the notion of separable functors:

On non-commutative algebraic geometry:

  • Stefaan Caenepeel, Alain Verschoren, (Preface for) Noncommutative Rings and Geometry, Proceedings of the conference held in Almería, September 17–22, 2007, in honour of Freddy Van Oystaeyen, Algebras and Representation Theory (2009) 12:101–102, doi, pdf

  • F. van Oystaeyen, Alain Verschoren, Non-commutative algebraic geometry (Springer LNM 887, 1981)

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