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Fredholm determinant is a generalization of a determinant of a finite-dimensional matrix to a class of operators on Banach spaces which differ from identity by a trace class operator or by an appropriate analogue in more abstract context (there are appropriate determinants on certain Banach ideals). It is often considered as an analytic function of a perturbation parameter λ\lambda. The calculations with Fredholm determinants have applications in operator theory, random matrix theory, integrable models etc.

In his original setup, Fredholm attached the determinant

d(λ)= n=0 λ nn! a b a b a bdet((K(x k,x l)) k,l=1 n)dx 1dx n d(\lambda) = \sum_{n=0}^{\infty} \frac{\lambda^n}{n!}\int_a^b\int_a^b\ldots \int_a^b det((K(x_k, x_l))_{k,l=1}^n) d x_1 \cdots d x_n

to the Fredholm integral equation of the second kind

u(x)+λ a bK(x,y)u(y)dy=f(x),x(a,b), u(x) + \lambda \int^b_a K(x,y) u(y) d y = f(x), \,\,\,x\in (a,b),

and dd is an entire function of λ\lambda such that d(λ)0d(\lambda) \neq 0 iff the integral equation has a unique solution.


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