nLab Heun equation

Heun equation is a second order linear ordinary differential equation of Fuchsian type with 4 regular singular points at 0,1,a,0,1,a,\infty. Its normalized holomorphic solution is the Heun function. If some of the singular points coalesce we talk about the confluent Heun equation.

An application of monodromy analysis of Heun equation (coming from separation of variables) to the physics of black holes:

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  • Bruno Carneiro da Cunha, João Paulo Cavalcante, Confluent conformal blocks and the Teukolsky master equation, Phys. Rev. D 102, 105013 (2020) doi arXiv:1906.10638; Teukolsky master equation and Painlevé transcendents: numerics and extremal limit, arXiv:2105.08790

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