nLab Ian Durham

I’m a mathematical physicist interested in foundational issues, particularly in relation to quantum theory. I’m a “big picture” thinker which is why categories appeal to me. I’m relatively new to category theory itself but I’m slowly getting there.

I’m an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics at Saint Anselm College. I live on the coast of Maine with my wife, two pre-teen kids, dog, and a tankful of guppies.

I’ve had a blog, Quantum Moxie, for about four years that is a dumping ground for things that don’t otherwise fit inside my brain.

I’m really interested in collaborating with people which is what attracted me to this site. Specifically, I’d be interested in working with anyone who is interested in exploring further extensions of categorical quantum channels as well as anyone interested in the application of category theory to quantum communication on closed time-like curves (colloquially known as wormholes). I’ve written a paper on the subject (not including the category theory part) that I’m in the process of trying to publish and think there’s some more that could be said about the topic using category theory. If you’re interested, please contact me.

You can e-mail me at idurham [at] anselm [dot] edu.

I also have some project pages up at Quantum Collaborations. If you join and are interested in collaborating, please let me know.

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