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Jacobian conjecture: Let kk be an algebraically closed field of characteristics zero, n2n\geq 2 and ϕ:k nk n\phi: k^n\to k^n a (regular) endomorphism of k nk^n with constant Jacobian (the determinant of the Jacobian matrix, which is in this polynomial case algebraically defined). Then ϕ\phi is a regular automorphism, i.e. has a polynomially defined inverse.

The conjecture is open still stated by Keller in 1939. There were many failed attempts to prove the Jacobian conjecture, especially for n=2n = 2; there are also some reductions to special cases. For example, it is known that the Jacobian conjecture holds iff it holds for ϕ\phi a polynomial map of degree 3. The Jacobian conjecture is also known to hold at least for those ϕ\phi which have a rational inverse.

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The Jacobian conjecture is also equivalent to the Dixmier conjecture: every endomorphism of the rr-th Weyl algebra A r,kA_{r,k} over kk is an automorphism for all rr. This is a statement of the article

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which does contain an error in the proof, which has been later amended by others. It is actually known that each endomorphism of the rr-th Weyl algebra is injective, and not known wheather it is surjective. A shorter algebraic proof is given in

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There is a recent proof of related Kontsevich’s statement on automorphisms of Weyl algebra

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There is an interesting blog discussion, from the point of view of algebraic geometry:

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