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Selected writings

Jean-Marc Cordier (died 7 May 2014) was a French mathematician, working at LAMFA, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, Amiens.

He obtained his doctorat d’état es’ Sciences from Paris 7 in 1987. His research has centred on problems of homotopy coherence, homotopy limits and their application to Steenrod-Sitnikov homology, and strong shape theory.

Selected writings

On profunctors with application to shape theory:

On homotopy coherent diagrams and their homotopy limits/homotopy colimits

  • J.-M. Cordier, Sur la notion de diagramme homotopiquement cohérent, Proc. 3éme Colloque sur les Catégories, Amiens (1980), Cah. Top. Géom. Diff., 23,(1982) 93 -112.

  • J.-M. Cordier, Sur les limites homotopiques de diagrammes homotopiquement cohérents, Comp. Math., 62 (1987) 367-388.

  • J.-M. Cordier, Homologie de Steenrod-Sitnikov et limite homotopique algèbrique, manuscripta math 59 (1987) 35-52.

together with several joint with Dominique Bourn and Tim Porter.

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