nLab Jouanolou cover

Jouanolou cover of a projective nn-space by quadrics has been introduced by Jean-Pierre Jouanolou for the purposes of algebraic K-theory

  • J.-P. Jouanolou, Une suite exacte de Mayer-Vietoris en K-th´eorie alg´ebrique, Algebraic K-theory, I (Seattle, 1972), 293–316, Lecture Notes in Mathematics 341, Springer (1973).

  • MathOverflow: The Jouanolou trick

  • Aravind Asok, The Jouanolou-Thomason homotopy lemma, pdf

This is also used in Michel Van den Bergh‘s proof that every projective variety over complexes is a quiver variety (see blog)

There is a noncommutative version of a Jouanolou cover for noncommutative projective space in a paper of Rosenberg and Konstevich.

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