nLab Jun Zhang

Jun Zhang is a mathematician with interests in algebraic topology (esp. persistent homology), symplectic geometry, microlocal analysis.

  • Paul Biran, Octav Cornea, Jun Zhang, Triangulation and persistence: Algebra 101, arXiv:2104.12258

This paper lays the foundations of triangulated persistence categories (TPC), which brings together persistence modules with the theory of triangulated categories. As a result we introduce several measurements and metrics on the set of objects of some triangulated categories. We also provide examples of TPCs coming from algebra, algebraic topology, microlocal sheaf theory and symplectic topology.

…we try to explain how standard symplectic techniques, for instance, generating function, capacities, symplectic homology, etc., are elegantly packaged in the language of sheaves as well as related intriguing sheaf operators. In addition, many concepts developed in Tamarkin category theory are natural generalizations of persistent homology theory…

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