nLab Kirti Joshi

Selected writings

On p-adic Teichmüller theory:

Claim of proof of statements similar to Mochizuki's corollary 3.12:

  • Kirti Joshi, Appendix to Construction of Arithmetic Teichmüller spaces II(12\frac{1}{2}): Deformations of Number Fields (arXiv:2305.10398)

  • Kirti Joshi, Construction of Arithmetic Teichmuller Spaces III: A Rosetta Stone and a proof of Mochizuki’s Corollary 3.12 (arXiv:2401.13508)

Claim of proof of the abc conjecture:

On anabelian geometry:

On the Hitchin-Mochizuki morphism and Frobenius destablized vector bundles on curves:

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