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Selected writings

Selected writings



On category theory:


On Galois theory:

  • A simple proof of the fundamental theorem of Galois theory, 2022, arxiv

On limit sketches:

  • Large limit sketches and topological space objects, 2021, arXiv

On localization of tensor categories

  • Localizations of tensor categories and fiber products of schemes, 2020, arXiv

On 2-limits of tensor categories:

  • Bicategorical colimits of tensor categories, 2020, arXiv

On tensor category-theory for algebraic geometry:

  • Tensor categorical foundations of algebraic geometry, PhD thesis, University of Münster, 2014, arXiv

    Errata for PhD thesis: The reflectors in 5.8.17, 5.8.18, 5.8.20, 5.8.21, 5.10.6 are not correct in general and should be removed.

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