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Mathematical Reviews is an indexing service provided by the American Mathematical Society, giving the publication data of mathematics publications which are most often (but not always) accompanied with a short or a featured review “article” or with the original abstract. Its online version is called MathSciNet:

It requires subscription, but some of its services, most notably the so called Relay Station does not. Relay Station gives the full reference (and sometimes a link to the journal) called by the MR number of the review, but does not provide the abstract or the review unless one has a subscription.

MR numbers have two formats. Relay station accepts both formats. To link from nnlab, the URL is of the following form:

where FORMAT includes the code after the MR. So MR92a:81191 has

and MR1289330 has the URL

MR numbers can be discovered using the free MR Lookup service.

This can also provide citations in BibTeX format. The MRef tool can also be used to parse citations copied and pasted from elsewhere.

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