nLab Philippe Gaucher

Selected writings

On Δ \Delta -generated and compactly generated topological spaces:

  • Philippe Gaucher, Section 2 of: Homotopical interpretation of globular complex by multipointed d-space, Theory and Applications of Categories, vol. 22, number 22, 588-621, 2009 (arXiv:0710.3553)

On model structures on topological spaces and the notion of Δ\Delta-Hausdorff Δ\Delta-generated space (a natural separation condition for Δ \Delta -generated spaces):

On directed homotopy theory and higher dimensional transition systems:

  • Philippe Gaucher, Directed algebraic topology and higher dimensional transition system, New-York Journal of Mathematics 16 (2010), 409 - 461 (arxiv:0903.4276)

  • Philippe Gaucher, Towards a homotopy theory of higher dimensional transition systems, Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 25, No. 12, 2011, pp. 295–341 (arxiv:1011.0918)

On left-determined model categories:

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