nLab Rafael Borowiecki

My main interest from very early on in life is science. Within science i choose to specialize in all kinds of mathematics (except numerical methods and statistics) and mathematical physics (especially theories of quantum gravity). This is because it is pure, true, universal, useful, fun, beautiful etc. I have been wandering all across this landscape since 1991 and found now that category theory ties together all the things that i love the most. Hence now i am most interested in a categorical foundation of mathematics, or any foundation that can structure the branches of mathematics in detail. This is because i like order so much, and to simplify things. I have put a lot of hard work to find out what i want to know, bit by bit. It is like laying the biggest puzzle there can be. I hope to be able to apply all this to understand systems such as higher life, the universe and reality.

I don’t have a homepage but i will put up a domain from my home soon, dedicated to my project and to publish the work that has been done.

To make it short i am a platonist, perspectivist, realist, minimalist, idealist and optimist. It might also be fun to know that i am a cosmopolit and i am learning to meditate.

category: people

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