nLab Schauenburg bialgebroid


Schauenburg bialgebroid, also called Ehresmann-Schauenburg bialgebroid, is a noncommutative generalization of the algebra of functions on an Atiyah groupoid (also called gauge or Ehresmann groupoid) of a principal bundle where the principal bundle is replaced by a Hopf-Galois extension (on the level of algebra of functions).


It is an associative bialgebroid whose structure, given a Hopf-Galois extension, is described in Brzeziński-Wisbauer2003, 34.14. The description there is by first constructing an associated coring, the Ehresmann coring (which is a more general construction, defined for any coalgebra-Galois extension which is faithfully flat as a left module over the base of the extension), and then making the bialgebroid from it.


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