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Selected writings

Sibe Mardešić was a Croatian topologist, retired Professor at the University of Zagreb and a full member of Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences (HAZU). His son Pavao Mardešić is also a mathematician, a specialist in the theory of (low dimensional) dynamical systems.

A brief biography can be found in the article HAPPY 80-th BIRTHDAY PROFESSOR MARDEŠIĆ, in Glasnik Matematički, the journal that he helped to found.

Selected writings

Most of Sibe Mardešić‘s important works are related to shape theory and geometric topology, mainly in the approach via inverse systems, which he pioneered (there was also a parallel development by Tim Porter). Sibe Mardešić wrote several monographs and edited several proceedings volumes in geometric topology and shape theory.

  • S. Mardešić, Jack Segal, Shape theory, North Holland 1982.

  • S. Mardešić, Strong shape and homology, Springer monographs in mathematics, 2000. xii+489 pp.

  • HAZU pages: Akademik Sibe Mardešić, in Croatian; and bio data in English.

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  • S. Mardešić, Coherent homotopy and localization, Topology and its Appl. 94 (1999), 253–274.

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