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Tadao Tannaka was a Japanese mathematician.

His early works were related mainly to Galois theory and number theory.

His famous classical paper on Tannaka duality proving the original Tannaka-Krein theorem is

  • Über den Dualitätssatz der nichtkommutativen topologischen Gruppen, Tôhoku Math. J. 45 (1939) 1-12. PDF.

Note that this article is in the first series of Tôhoku.

Tannaka was an editor of Tôhoku Math. J. for a longer period.

He also wrote a booklet in Japanese which treats a wider picture of dualities

  • Sôtai genri. [The principle of duality.] Iwanami Shoten, Tokyo, 1951. v+128 pp.

His biography has been published in Tôhoku Math. J. (see project euclid)

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