nLab Tate module


Let AA be an abelian group and let pp be a prime number.

The pp-adic Tate Module T p(A)T_p(A) of AA is defined as the limit

T p(A):=lim nA[p n]:=lim nker(Ap nA)T_p(A):=lim_n A[p^n]:=lim_n ker(A\stackrel{\cdot p^n }{\to}A)

of the directed diagram given by kernels of the endomorphisms of AA defined by multiplication by p np^n with transition maps d i:=(p):A[p n+1]A[p n]d_i:=(\cdot p):A[p^{n+1}]\to A[p^n].

The Tate module can equivalently be described in terms of the endomorphism ring of the Prüfer group.


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