Todd Trimble

I am a mathematician specializing in category theory. My PhD was completed in 1994 under the direction of Myles Tierney, and centered on categorical coherence problems and their relation to categorical logic. Subsequently I spent a few years in Sydney working with Ross Street, mainly on higher-dimensional categories, and then spent a few years in Chicago; the Chicago category seminar at the University of Chicago was founded during my stay.

Since 2001 I have been a full-time parent; I presently live in Connecticut and continue to do mathematics as time allows. Among other things I actively participate in the nn-Category Café blog, and I coauthor the mathematics blog Topological Musings. Since late 2013 I have also been a moderator at MathOverflow.

A few of my older scribblings can be found here; some more recent ones are at my nLab web here.

I can be reached at topological-dot-musings-at (insert gmail extension).

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