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Tom Leinster is a mathematician at the University of Edinburgh.

Selected writings

  • Rethinking set theory, e-print arXiv:1212.6543 [math.LO], 2012; see also discussion on nCafé

    This is an expository article for a general mathematical readership. It describes ETCS, but without assuming any knowledge of category theory or ever defining a category.

  • A survey of definitions of n-category, e-print math.CT/0107188, 2001; also Theory and Applications of Categories 10 (2002), no. 1, 1–70.

  • An informal introduction to topos theory, Publications of the nLab vol. 1 no. 1 (2011).

    At , but as of 2022 the live version is not entirely readable: the diagrams and some other typesetting are broken.

    A readable version (give the scripts a few seconds to load after opening the page) can be found in the Internet Archive.

On commutativity of limits with colimits:

On Isbell duality and reflexive completion:


  • Basic Category Theory, 2014

    Short description from author’s web page for book:

    Basic Category Theory is an introductory category theory textbook. Features:

    • It doesn’t assume much, either in terms of background or mathematical maturity.

    • It sticks to the basics.

    • It’s short.

    Advanced topics are omitted, leaving more space for careful explanations of the core concepts. I have used versions of this text to teach final-year undergraduate and master’s-level courses at the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

  • Tom Leinster, Higher operads, higher categories, London Math. Soc. Lec. Note Series 298, Cambridge University Press (2004) [math.CT/0305049, doi:10.1017/CBO9780511525896]

  • Entropy and Diversity: The Axiomatic Approach, Cambridge UP, 2021

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