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Vladimir Rubtsov (also spelled Roubtsov in France) is a mathematician and mathematical physicist in Angers, France (integrable systems, geometry in physics, Painlevé transcendents, character varieties, tau functions, Lie algebroids, noncommutative algebra, Yang-Baxter equations).

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  • A. Odesskii, V. Rubtsov, V. Sokolov, Double Poisson brackets on free associative algebras, in: Noncommutative Birational Geometry, Representations and Combinatorics, Contemp. Math. 592, Amer. Math. Soc. (2013) 225–239 doi arxiv/1208.2935; Bi-hamiltonian ordinary differential equations with matrix variables, Theor. and Math. Phys. 171(1): 442–447 (2012)
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  • Marta Mazzocco, Vladimir Rubtsov, Confluence on the Painlevé monodromy manifolds, their Poisson structure and quantisation, arXiv/1212.6723
  • U. Bruzzo, I. Mencattini, V. Rubtsov, P. Tortella, Nonabelian Lie algebroid extensions, arXiv:1305.2377
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  • B. Enriquez, V. Rubtsov, Hitchin systems, higher Gaudin Hamiltonians and r-matrices, Math. Res. Letters 3 (1996) n° 3, 343-357, alg-geom/9503010
  • Vladimir Retakh, Vladimir Rubtsov, Noncommutative Toda chains, Hankel quasideterminants and Painlevé II equation, arxiv/1007.4168
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