Weinstein, the geometry of Lubin-Tate spaces

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  • Jared Weinstein, the geometry of Lubi-Tate spaces, Lecture 1: Formal groups and formal modules, pdf

Table of contents

  • Motivation: the local Kronecker-Weber theorem.

  • Formal groups and formal O FO_F -modules

  • The invariant differential form, and the logarithm.

  • Formal groups: Categorical definition.

  • The de Rham complex, and the module D(G/A)D(G /A).

  • The crystalline nature of H dR 1H^1_{dR}

  • The action of Frobenius.

  • The Dieudonn√© module.

  • More on Dieudonn√© theory (but not quite enough).

  • The Grothendieck-Messing crystal.

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