nLab Winter 2017-2018 seminar on higher structures (Higher Lie Groupoids)

First all, we have our studip link. You need to register in Flexnow and present at least once, if you want to obtain your credit for this seminar.

Our seminar follows mostly Goerss-Jardine (GJ) Simplicial Homotopy Theory

  1. Simplicial set (GJ I.1) by Daniel (02.11.2017)

  2. Simplicial set (GJ I.1) by Daniel and realization by Laura (09.11.2017, 16.11.2017)

2.5 Kan Complex I by Laura(GJ I.3, first three pages) (23.11.2017)

  1. Kan Complex II towards n-groupoids (GJ I.3, the rest of it) by Richard (23.11.2017)

  2. n-groupoid objects in a category with topology section 1, 2.1, 2.2

  3. simplicial homotopy group (GJ I.7) Laura 2 (but maybe we need more people, it’s a long chapter)

  4. Category of fibrant objects (GJ I.9 + factorization Lemma) Dennis

  5. Category of fibrant objects for n-groupoids with topology Chenchang

  6. Dold-Kan (GJ III.2) Madleine

  7. Lie n-algebroids Malte

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