Given a set of nn functions f 1,,f nf_1,\ldots,f_n, one can define the matrix

W(f 1,,f n)=(f 1 f 2 f n f 1 f 2 f n f 1 (n1) f 2 (n1) f n (n1)) W(f_1,\ldots,f_n) = \left( \array{f_1 & f_2 & \cdots & f_n\\ f_1' & f_2' &\cdots & f_n'\\ \cdot &\cdot &\cdot &\cdots\\ f_1^{(n-1)} & f_2^{(n-1)} &\cdots &f_n^{(n-1)}}\right)

Wronskian is its determinant. It is used in the study of linear independence of solution of differential equations and in mathematical physics.

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