Ziegler spectrum

Let kk be a fixed field. Consider associative kk-algebra AA and its category of right modules Mod AMod_A.

Recall that a monomorphism f:MNf:M\to N in Mod AMod_A-modules is pure if after tensoring with any left AA-module LL gives a mono M ALfLN ALM\otimes_A L\stackrel{f\otimes L}\to N\otimes_A L. A module MM in Mod AMod_A is pure-injective if every pure mono MNM\to N splits. This is clearly a weaker property than being an injective object.

Given an associative algebra AA, its Ziegler spectrum Zsp(A)Zsp(A) is the topological space whose points are the isomorphism classes [M][M] of indecomposable pure-injective AA-modules MM and the topology is defined in terms of pp-formulas (or finite matrices) over AA. Here pp stands for “positive primitive in the usual language for AA-modules”

The importance of Ziegler spectrum is in the

Ziegler’s theorem. There is a correspondence between the definable classes in Mod AMod_A and closed subsets of Zsp(A)Zsp(A).

There are applications to the spectra of theories of modules.

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