abelian 2-category

Abelian categories are a common generalization of the category of abelian groups, categories of RR-modules where RR is a ring, and the categories of sheaves of 𝒪 X\mathcal{O}_X-modules where 𝒪 X\mathcal{O}_X is a sheaf of rings on a topological space XX. Similarly, in the categorical dimension 2, one wants to define an abelian 2-category as a generalization of symmetric 2-groups and possibly some 2-related categories. There are a few different proposals in the literature.

  • Mathieu Dupont, Abelian categories in dimension 2, arxiv/0809.1760
  • Hiroyuki Nakaoka, Comparison of the definitions of Abelian 2-categories, arxiv/0904.0078

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