nLab character table of 2I

linear representation theory of binary icosahedral group 2I2 I


group order: |2I|=120{\vert 2I\vert} = 120

conjugacy classes:12345A5B610A10B
their cardinality:1120301212201212

let ϕ12(1+5)\phi \coloneqq \tfrac{1}{2}( 1 + \sqrt{5} ) (the golden ratio)

character table over the complex numbers \mathbb{C}

ρ 1\rho_1111111111
ρ 2\rho_22-2-10ϕ1\phi - 1ϕ-\phi1ϕ\phi1ϕ1 - \phi
ρ 3\rho_32-2-10ϕ-\phiϕ1\phi - 111ϕ1-\phiϕ\phi
ρ 4\rho_4330-11ϕ1 - \phiϕ\phi0ϕ\phi1ϕ1-\phi
ρ 5\rho_5330-1ϕ\phi1ϕ1-\phi01ϕ1-\phiϕ\phi
ρ 6\rho_64410-1-11-1-1
ρ 7\rho_74-410-1-1-111
ρ 8\rho_855-1100-100
ρ 9\rho_96-600110-1-1


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